We asked industry professionals what they think about in-lite, here's what they said...

We use in-lite because it's bulletproof, it works every time guaranteed. They're innovative and easy to install, in-lite’s just the better product for me, it's just so much easier to use than any of the other ones. 

So, we use in-lite because they have so many different options, in-lite stands behind their product. The in-lite System is definitely one of the easiest professional lighting systems to install, and I can't get over the support that we get from them, the friendliness, and all those good things that come with people who are just really passionate about being at the top of their class.  

The product really speaks for itself: the cutting-edge designs and its high quality, there's something to be said about that European sort of flare. You see an in-lite fixture, you know that that's an in-lite fixture. I feel like every time I go to meet with a customer, they're always showing us pictures of our paper lights, the projects would have the paper lights in them. 

So, it's another way for us to stand out, to be unique. And to top it off, the warranty is stellar, and the Customer Service team is second-to-none. They believe in us, they teach us, they coach us to make sure that we can be best that we can be. We use in-lite because of the people that run the company, number one. 

Because in-lite has an impressively wide range of products. Because the system is very versatile. Because of the products unmatched. Because it's a brand that people trust. 

The system works well with itself. They’re always chasing new technology and the warranty is pretty much unparalleled. 

Like honestly, the quality of the product is great, and it's plug and play. Like, you can't make it any easier than they are over years. It's a no brainer. There's no reason to start splicing wires when you have an easy system. 

You guys are very innovative, so we love that too. So, I just think you guys are more on the edge side of things. And then the performance, I mean, it doesn't matter if it's pretty, if it doesn't work, and the performance and low-maintenance user experience. You just flip the switch, and it works. The support that we can get from in-lite for the installations when we need them, if any kind of troubleshooting, they're there for you. 

in-lite has impeccable customer service. They're reliable, knowledgeable, they believe in what we do, and they give us all the tools and all the resources to shine, which makes us, and our clients represent in light accordingly.  

You guys have made this the whole process really seamless. I mean, I'm getting shipments in a couple days, and the product just keeps getting better and better. 

A brand that delivers a high promise that they stand behind. The variety, the ease of install. It helps that you have a really badass product too. I fully stand behind in-lite and love what in-lite does versus other manufacturers.