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in-lite outdoor lighting

in-lite is the fastest growing & most innovative outdoor lighting manufacturer in North America. We specialize in luxurious, modern, & high-quality outdoor lighting products. But in-lite offers more than just the best lights in the market; our ultimate goal is to elevate the entire outdoor living industry coast-to-coast through education, extensive training, inspiration, unbeatable customer service, and more! 

We know Techo-Pros only work with the best, that's why our fixtures, patented connection system & innovative technology are unparalleled and built with you - the professional - in mind.

If you'd like to learn more about in-lite and our in-sider Program for Professionals, click the button below. 


INSpiring pros to create

in-lite presents an ample collection of luxurious, modern, and high-quality hardscape fixtures to install in all your outdoor spaces. 

There are endless designs, lighting effects and installation techniques you can use to completely transform and elevate your hardscapes at night.

That's why we not only give you the best products and customer support to get started, but we also give you the knowledge, training, inspiration, and selling tools you need to make unique works of art happen. 

MARketing materials

Guess what? All Techo-Pros get full access to in-lite's exclusive Marketing Materials, including: 

  • The best imagery in-lite has to offer
  • The Techo-Pro Book of in-lite (exclusively for Techo-Pros)
  • Technical & product info guides
  • Application photos to inspire you & your clients
  •  in-lite logos for collaborations

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GET started with in-lite

We know how daunting & stressful it can be to work with a new lighting supplier. That's why in-lite is offering all Techo-Pros full access and support from our awesome Customer Experience Team.

From start to finish, our CE Team can help your business with: 

  • Placing orders
  • Quick delivery
  • Warranties & returns
  • Product knowledge
  • Troubleshooting
  • Access to educational resources
  • And so much more! 

You can call us Monday to Friday 8-5PM EST at +1 833 2042 8618 or you can shoot us an email at