in-lite was born from a group of dreamers who wanted to create something unique. More than just a product, they wanted to provide an experience that would change the way people thought about outdoor lighting.

We show up every day committed to being a leader in innovation, a voice of education, and a company that can be counted on. We will always be there for you. 

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 Almost 25 years ago, the first paver light in North America was born. An in-lite original, this light placed directly into a paver stone, was designed to go where no one had gone before. Motivated by the belief that lighting didn’t need to just be an addition to a landscape but could literally be integrated into it, in-lite saw an opportunity to break into a market that lacked creativity. Something we definitely didn’t shy away from. We wanted to be bold, different, unique.

But we didn’t stop with just one light, that was only the beginning. We expanded our product line to become a full solution lighting option with spotlights, recessed lights, wall lights, and everything in between. in-lite started developing products unlike anything the North American industry had seen before. We believed that fixtures could look beautiful not just at night but during the day too, that they could make a statement no matter what time it was. It was common practice to hide outdoor lights within landscapes and it was well known that you should never be able to see a light source. So, we challenged that status quo. We went against the grain because we knew in our hearts that there could be more to a lighting experience. Why would you blend in when you can stand out?

But it wasn’t enough to just create a product that looked different than anything on the market. It had to function differently… it had to be better.

We started with quality. Our fixtures were built to withstand even the harshest North American climates by using only the highest quality and most sustainable materials. Then we took it one step further by using only the highest quality LEDs in our fixtures to produce a light quality that was unmatched in the industry.

We could’ve stopped there – “the highest quality lights on the market” would have been a fine value proposition. But we didn’t. We thought about the entire user experience. Driven by innovation, our patented Easy-Lock connector was born. This small connector created a system that was easy to use without sacrificing quality. The key? A dielectric grease to create a sealed connection between the fixture and the low-voltage cable. Now we had a product line that was modern, high quality, and easy to use.

That should’ve been enough… and for most companies, it probably would have been. But we’re not like everyone else. We are trend setters. Trail blazers. We were determined to stand out from the competition and raise the standard of the outdoor living industry.

We cared about the user experience, we built products that were designed for the in-lite user. We knew we needed to take our business one step further. We knew we needed to go beyond creating the best products for our customers. We've always been a lighting company, but we've always known we're more than that too.

in-lite is determined to provide an unbeatable customer experience. Our team of dedicated, educated, and experienced staff are devoted to making outdoor spaces unique. We are committed to being there every step of the way for our partners. By providing training, education, and genuine support on top of our industry-leading products, we are a brand that is devoted to our customers. At the forefront of everything we've done and everything we are, has always been, and will always be, the in-lite user.

We show up every day committed to being a leader in innovation, a voice of education, and a company that can be counted on. We will always be there for you. 

Are you in?