What's one of the biggest contrasts between high quality fixtures and a low-quality landscape light? There are many, but today I'll be discussing Color Rendering Index or CRI for short. CRI is a critical concept to keep in mind when purchasing lighting fixtures for your projects. 

If you're in the Outdoor Living Industry, you've probably heard or seen the acronym CRI, usually followed by a number. You usually can find this piece of information on the side of all in-lite product boxes. It's available on our website too. But what does CRI mean? 

Well, by definition, CRI stands for Color Rendering Index, and it's used to indicate how much color is seen by the human eye. It's the measure of how accurate a light source is compared to daylight on a scale of one to one hundred. A hundred being the best color rendering quality, and a value below sixty represents a very low or poor colored rendering. 

Think about it. During the day, you see all colors in your yard perfectly. That's because the Sun has the highest CRI of any light source, which is one hundred CRI, which is why it sets the bar for color accuracy. The closer a light source is to CRI one hundred, the more accurate colors should appear under it. 

Keeping CRI in mind while shopping for lights is particularly important because not all fixtures are made the same. Some render color much better or worse than others, and the difference can profoundly impact the appearance ambiance, security, and overall quality of your landscape lighting insulation. CRI and color temperature go hand in hand when it comes to choosing the right LED light for your application. 

LED lights typically range between seventy and ninety-five in CRI ratings, and anything below eighty is considered mid-to-low range. Lights with a low CRI will often wash out the landscape; the lights will appear too bright and white, ruining the overall atmosphere of the outdoor space. High quality LED sources have a CRI of at least ninety. 

This ensures you'll see all colors and contrasts even when the Sun goes down. At in-lite, we create the highest quality lights, which is why our fixtures fall into the CRI range of ninety to ninety-eight. CRI ninety-eight is currently the highest CRI available in North America, putting our lights at the top of the Outdoor Lighting Industry. 

So, if you're looking for landscape lighting that will enhance your space instead of washing it out, in-lite’s got what you're looking for.  

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