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With knowledgable in-lite representatives from coast to coast, we provide the North American market with a complete product line of contemporary designed, high quality outdoor fixtures which are unique, efficient to install, and give the perfect lighting effect. We collaborate with outdoor living professionals and inspire them to use in-lite products to create the most beautiful outdoor living spaces throughout North America.

Our customers are professionals in the outdoor living industry such as deck builders, electricians, hardscapers, landscapers, designers, and more. We work with the pros that are just as dedicated to high quality and industry leading work as we are. Our partners are creators, artists, and visionaries just like us.



in-lite is a young and rapidly growing company (the fastest growing outdoor lighting company in North America to be precise) that is shaking up the landscape lighting industry. Okay, we've been around for over 25 years, but our mindset is young, modern, and different. Over the last 25+ years, we've been able to create the highest quality lights in North America, develop contemporary and trend setting fixtures, and encourage an entire industry to look at lighting differently. Along the way, we've also built a strong-knit team that is dedicated to changing the lighting game. Every day, our passionate team pushes the boundaries and works hard to help our partners grow their business with outdoor lighting. And we like to have fun while we do it too.

We've always defined ourselves by focusing on innovation, creativity, and our customers. We are a lighting company but we've always known we're more than that too. We reimagine the way outdoor spaces are lit up, we go against the status quo, and we are determined to raise the standard of the outdoor living industry. And we're just getting started.



in-lite genuinely cares about our partners. It might be cheesy, but their success is our success. Every single one of our employees cares deeply about making a difference in the industry and we are determined to help our partners grow. 

As a company, our values are honesty, collaboration, respect, equality, passion, and (arguably most importantly) having fun. We are dedicated to constant development: whether it be through our innovative products, training our partners, or growing our employees. 

in-lite's goal is to make a difference in the industry and in the lives of our employees. Being unique, chasing goals, and going against the grain is what we're all about.

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where can i buy?

USA: To find the closest dealer to you, use our Dealer Locator Map.

If you are an industry professional, we encourage you to sign up for our exclusive IN-SIDER program to access training, support, product information, and more. in-lite products are also available to purchase directly online at if you do not have a dealer close to you.

You may also get in contact with our team at or call us at 1-833-472-9960 to place your orders. 

CANADA: To find the closest dealer to you, use our Dealer Locator Map.

You may also get in contact with our team at or call us at 1-833-472-9960 to place your orders. 


where is in-lite's head office?

in-lite's North American head office is located in London, Ontario, Canada - also known as the Forest City. We've created a space where we feel inspired to create, motivated to grow, and empowered to think outside the box to make magical experience for you, the professional. 

Although we call London our home-base, there are in-lite Representatives spanning across North America to provide you with the best support, training, and knowledge this industry has to offer. 

If you're ever in the area, let us know. We'd love to show you around!


where do my products ship from?

USA: We process and ship orders from our Ypsilanti, Michigan warehouse Monday through Friday. 

CANADA: We process and ship orders from our London, Ontario warehouse Monday through Friday. 


how are in-lite products made?

Our fixtures are built with quality and longevity in mind. This means we use the highest quality materials to ensure the fixtures are built to last in even the harshest outdoor climates: snow, rain, hail, ice, extreme temperatures... you name it!

All our units are sealed LED units. in-lite fixtures are rated IP-67 for extraordinary protection against moisture and dirt in outdoor environments. 

The following materials may make up your in-lite fixture:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Polycarbonate
  • Glass

i want to work for in-lite

Interested in joining the in-lite team? Even if we're not specifically hiring for your desired role, we encourage you to submit your resume! We're always looking to fill our team with the best talent in the industry. Click below to learn more!

what's the difference between

in-lite vs in-sider

Long story short: IN-SIDER is our professional program and in-lite is the brand of products we manufacture. 

The IN-SIDER program was founded by the in-lite Outdoor Lighting team as an educational online platform for professionals. The program is designed to educate, support, and inspire professionals to grow their business with landscape lighting. The IN-SIDER program has become an in-valuable resource. What started as installation advice and extra support has now expanded into so much more. We've created a community to help professionals take their business to the next level through outdoor lighting and beyond. 

Interested in becoming an IN-SIDER? Click here

the in-lite system

Learn about in-lite's high-quality, low voltage outdoor lighting system works and 

the easy-lock

There's a lot of misconceptions when it comes to connectors and lighting systems, usually, they are right - but our Easy-Lock system is DIFFERENT.

what is cri?

What’s one of the biggest contrasts between a high-quality fixture and a low-quality landscape light?

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