25 years of in-lite


There will always be doubters, naysayers, and non-believers. 

There will always be followers, cynics, critics, and skeptics. 

But there will always be dreamers, innovators, and visionaries too. 

There will always be those that push the boundaries, think differently, and challenge the status quo. 

There will be pioneers, trendsetters, trailblazers, creators, those who dare to be different. 

For twenty-five years, we've gone against the grain, deliberately misunderstanding the status quo. We've dared to go where no lighting company has gone before. 

They say you shouldn't see the light source, and we ignored them. 

They said pictures should blend into the landscape, and we asked, why can't they be art? 

They said quick connectors were never going to be a solution, so we created patented technology for the best one on the market. 

They said industry trends were standard, so we challenged them. 

They said we couldn't do it, so we did. 

In-lite has created a unique line of high quality, modern, and beautiful outdoor lighting solutions. 

But it's not just about the products. It's about you. 

The visionaries who make outdoor spaces come to life. 

We've got the tools you need. 

But now it's your chance to make outdoor spaces unique.